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Exciting Announcement!

Stay tuned for the imminent launch of our online piping courses and more. Follow us to stay updated with the latest news!


The New York Association of Flower Cake Designers, known as New York Flower Cake, was established in 2020. We are dedicated to sharing the art of piping flower cakes, icing cookies, and creating meringue cookies worldwide.

At New York Flower Cake, our mission is to promote the unique artistry of piping and expand its reach within our communities. We are committed to enhancing the skills of baking artists and artisans.

Join us for a variety of cake decorating classes, available both online and in person. Our courses include piping floral cakes and general cake decorating.

Upon completing your course, you will receive a formal certification from the New York Association of Flower Cake Designers (NYAFCD) and become part of our close-knit community. By enrolling in our certification courses, you join a supportive community focused on improving dessert decoration skills.

Our studio is located in the Little Neck neighborhood of Queens, New York.

I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to share the artistry of piping with you!





What is NYAFCD?

NYAFCD stands for New York Association of Flower Cake Designers.

This is an association of people who take the certificate course together. We practice together and discuss creating a beautiful cake/dessert. We offer once-a-year meetings together to review the technique. Welcome to the NYAFCD family!

New York Association of Flower Cake Designer

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If you are interested in our certificate crocuses, workshops or order a unique edible flower cake, don't heist to contact us :)

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